The Price Paid for You | Adam Nitz - Writing Free For Him

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Reflect on this poem as we contemplate the cost our Savior paid for us. You are worth all of this to your loving Savior.

diabetic meal plan kits Makuyuni Hands

That healed pain, opened blind eyes
And even beckoned the dead to life
That cradled children, blessed them tenderly
That pointed lessons on the way
That drew in sand for mercy’s sake
That blessed the wine and broke the bread
That lifted up in holy prayer
Hands that cared and gave and loved
At work; at rest a brief life long

Sinless hands
Hands of God
Come as man
To touch the world with love divine
Perfect hands

Oh see them now…
lifeless and red torn through with nails
Pounded by hate,
Hands stretched high over the cursed earth
Raised in undeserved blessing
Innocent hands enduring endless pain
For all my hands have done and failed to do
Hands that paid the guilt of all
In crimson currency dripping down.

kino lotto Voice
That comforted the hurting
Challenged the proud
Silenced the howling storm
Stilled the tossing waves
That opened eyes with truth well taught
And pierced through sinful argument
Hurled demons from their hapless prey
That praised the Father perfectly
That spoke life into places dead
Voice that cared and gave and loved
At work; at rest a brief life long.

Sinless voice
Voice of God
Come as man
That spoke God’s truth in holy love
Perfect voice

Oh hear it now…
Silent as a lamb for slaughter
While liars lie and mockers spit
Then raised up high on pulpit cruel
Pain-filled voice proclaiming grace
Prays for them as killers kill
Strains in all the depths of hell
Cries out in human thirst and ache
Voice forsaken by Father’s love
For all my voice has done and failed to do
Voice that gives forgiveness great
Announces truth of sin-debt paid
For every soul of every age
Voice that rests its life in God
And let’s death steal the lung’s last breath

Oh see him lie there
Mighty, loving hands lie limp unfeeling on the grave’s cold stone
Eyes that pierced the world with light stare lifelessly in death’s black night
Voice that spoke the truth of God is wrapped in breathless silence now
Feet that walked the perfect path are pierced in blood and move no more
Heart that beat to love us all is stopped in death’s cold awful grip
Life of God come as man given for all human sin
Died the endless death we all deserved
Laid in grave where we should be
Oh see
Your soul’s salvation there
The cost it cost to set you free