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southwards For those who weep this Christmas
Hiding tears behind dry eyes
Smiling at the lights and laughter
But in the heart resounding “Whys?” …

For those who weep this Christmas
Feeling holes of loved ones gone
Struggling with life’s changing seasons
Wondering how to carry on…

For those who weep this Christmas
Pains so fresh and feelings sore
Fighting for some cause that’s losing
Losing strength for fighting more…

For those who weep this Christmas
At failures, falls and constant change
Angry at the world around them
Raging at all who come in range…

For those who weep this Christmas
In loneliness so amplified
By all the joyful noise around them
Emptiness echoing deep inside…

For all who weep this Christmas
At flaws and sins they see so clear
Who hang their head in deep regretting
Well-earned justice rightly fear…

For we all must weep this Christmas
When we see ourselves in God’s true light
A world of sin within, around us
Every breath a death-bound fight.

Yet, for all who weep this Christmas
God gives us Christmas still
Far better than presents and parties
A gift our greatest needs to fill…

Himself! A child born among us!
A Savior you can call your own
The King of kings a poor-born baby
Come to earth from heaven’s throne.

Here to hear your deepest sorrow
Here to wipe your bitter tear
Here to fill your empty sadness
Here to soothe your pounding fear

Here to live a life that cancels
Every sin of every one
Here to die a death deserved by
Every soul beneath the sun.

Here to rise in triumph mighty
Prove God’s victory is true
Alive and on his throne in power
Ruling all and loving you.

And so for all who weep this Christmas
Remember what your treasure is
Even through earth’s tears and troubles
You have Christ, your Righteousness.