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We come by invite, not by right
To taste, to glimpse God’s glory bright
We come our fathomless need to fill–
That God-sized hole so desperate still.
We gape at gifts so grand and fine
On feast of priceless worth we dine.

There ought to be some formality
A reflection of reality
That I am me and He is HE
And yet some priceless familiarity
That we enjoy as a sweet rarity
That the King of all would speak so intimately
To one as low and unfit as me.
Friend. He calls me friend! How can it be?
Adopted child of God…that’s me?
He invites me here to be with him
To lay before him all my sin
To hear again his love for me
To soothe my fear and set me free
To point me to his empty cross and tomb
Remind me that he’s coming soon
To teach me truth that shapes me new
To fill me with the Spirit’s view
To gather with the ones who care
Blend our voices to him in prayer
To pour out praise from lips he made
Revel in his love, joy-full and unafraid.

So whatever form this worship may take
Let’s relish it for his great Name’s sake
Let’s respect the precious gift he gave
And give him the best of all we have
Whatever honors him in every place
Whatever highlights his saving grace
Whatever points his people best
To see him as their only rest.

Not proudly looking ’round we sit
Or glumly bored of all of it
Or busy with critiquing it
Or mindless, heartless reciting it…

No let’s come undone and desperate
Like empty beggars for respite
Awed by his cross in sight,
No sense of our own right
We come just as we are
Every flaw, every scar
His promise brings us near
Gives us joy in place of fear
And from worship to worship we go
As we live each day below
Minds on treasures stored above
Lives reflecting His great love.

What is worship to you?