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Here I stand
By Truth I live
For Truth I die
I cannot change
I cannot deny
I cannot retreat
I must defy
Might seek
To justify
To promote
To glorify
Any lie
That might try
To cloud the Truth
To change the News
That sets us free
The Truth of God
The Word
The Way
The Life
The certain Hope:

Salvation ours
By Grace alone
Free grace, amazing grace
That God would give
To sin dead souls
Filled full with hate
His only Son?
His perfect Son?
His sinless Son?
A sacrifice for such as these?
To take all sin
To take the shame
To take the guilt
To take the hell
To suffer all for all
To die our death
And rise to life
To give us life
By Grace Alone
By Grace Alone
By Grace Alone
Nothing one can bring
To satisfy the King
Jesus Christ
I am his sin
He is my righteousness

And this, this gift
This gift so grand
Is ours by faith
The beggar’s hand
Receives the gift
And trusts the truth
And holds it close
The beating heart
Of every rescued wretch
This faith itself
A work of God
A miracle so gently done
God’s Spirit breathes
Through simple Word
A soul is won
New life begun
By Faith Alone
By Faith Alone
By Faith Alone

And this faith
This gift
This grace
We know
Declared for all
On Scripture’s page
In words of God
Passed on to us
The power of God
The truth he gave
The soul to save
So simple a child can see
And know the truth
That sets us free
So deep a billion years
Of study could not reveal
Each mystery
This mighty truth
That marches on
Through every age
Through every stage
Of human history
The story of our gracious God
His victory
Declared us free
The power of God
The final say
In every way
For we are saved
By Word alone
By Word alone
By Word alone.

And so we stand, God help us all
To stand on truth, stand straight and tall
No matter what the world might do
We trust our God to get us through

And may each day be a reformation
Full of confession and restoration
Relying more and more on grace
Till we see our Savior face to face

And we live to tell God’s truth in love
And give all glory to God above
So just like us, saved sinners see
The Grace of God that sets us free