New Deadline! Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Blog, Book Thoughts | Comments Off on New Deadline!

cytotec available at health department After consulting with my editor and looking out on both of our schedules over the coming months I’ve decided on a new deadline for the completion and publication of my novel: October 2014 I’m so excited about the new deadline and I think it is the right choice. Over the coming months I’ll continue revising and editing so that the book is the best it can be. The cover art for the novel is in its final stages already and it looks awesome. It feels amazing to see this project coming together and I am already really excited to have the final product in my...

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Editing and Revising…Fun?

Mori Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Blog, Book Thoughts | Comments Off on Editing and Revising…Fun?

Bang Bua Thong When I first set out to write this book I dreaded this stage in the process. Editing and revising. It just didn’t sound like much fun at all. Periods, commas, checking spelling, sentence formatting–it all seemed so clinical, so uncreative. Yet how wrong I was! I am actually enjoying this stage in the writing process so much more than I thought. As I polish and prepare each chapter before sending it off to my editor, I enjoy going over those words again, making the story richer, better. Then, when I receive the chapters back I am often amazed by how she helps me see a simpler or cleaner way of saying something. I am now learning so much about grammar and punctuation, which only helps make my writing better and crisper. Right now she just sent back chapter 10 and I’m actually eager to make the changes, wrestle with the best way to say what I want to say and clean it up. I feel so much better about each chapter after its been edited and revised. I am still looking at Summer of this year for publishing the book, which is extremely exciting. As always, keep me and my writing project in your prayers!  ...

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