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A Writer’s Journey: Book 2

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punk rocker slot It has been a while since I posted an update on my book progress…so here goes! I have been continuing to write and do research for my next book in the “I Was There…” series: I Was There When Jonah Was Lost. My goal is to have a completed and published book by the end of 2016. The research has been considerably more involved than I first expected. I have been busy studying ancient sailing and Phoenician and Assyrian culture around the time period of Jonah. The main character of the book is a Phoenician sailor from the coastal village of Sarepta who will be an eye witness to the famous account of Jonah in the Bible (see Jonah 1). Other characters in Assyria will witness the rest of the story (Jonah 3, 4). Just as my last book, I Was There When the Giant Fell, the story is all told from several 1st person points of view.  I usually get up at 4:30 or 5 am and get in some writing time before the day begins. Recently I have started sending my book chapter by chapter to my editor, Rachel, and I am very excited to start the editing process again! I tend to be somewhat scattered in my approach to writing a novel, which means that I have many chapters of the story started and roughed in at this point while others are simply an idea on the page waiting to be fleshed out better. As I slowly work my way through the entire book getting chapters ready for editing the story is starting to take better shape. It is also amazing how many plot ideas and descriptions change and develop as I rework earlier rough sections. As always, I ask for you to continue praying for me and this writing...

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God–a Child Born for You

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noteworthily play poker online for fun Here is a Christmas poem and reminder based on passages from John 1. Wishing you all a merry Christmas as you celebrate the birth of the Savior! In the beginning was the Word The Word was with God, the Word was God He was with God in the beginning. This the Word that spoke forth light That ordered time into day and night That gathered seas and land in place And set each star in outer space. Through Him all that is was made Without Him nothing could ever be made. In Him was life that was our light. In deepest darkness light shines bright But darkness hardens and turns away Refusing to know the light of Day. This the Word now come in flesh, Conceived in virgin lowly and fresh. Angel millions hush each voice, Wide-eyed in silence watch God’s choice— Among the beasts where men won’t sleep In a feeding trough near cows and sheep He comes from womb to sin-full earth No human fanfare greets God’s birth. Blinding glory and might supreme In helpless baby lost in dream. Ancient promise stands fulfilled All is just as God has willed! Look! Peer in with bated breath See infant life that conquers death The babe that drew each breath for you A flawless life-long record true. For poor and wealthy, great and small He came to reach us, save us all… None too broken—wrecked with sin None too lost that he can’t win. He came for stubborn, angry, weak, He came each sinner here to seek And you and me and all our mess Lifetimes of sins, our desperateness He came, He came, He came to save And take our sin, our hell, our grave. This baby’s future? No palace grand, But to feel the bite of nail through hand! He came to that which was his own, Yet his own despised their King, his throne Threw God’s gift back in his face Refused his truth, despised his grace And on a cross this Lamb would die The death we all deserved to die. He felt all punishment complete For a world of sin he bore hell’s heat. With dying words the Word went out “Paid in full!” his mighty shout! And then from grave to glory he Stands risen and rules eternally. This Christmas as we gather round For gifts and fun and joyful sound For worship ritual, carols and bells Festive sights and savory smells May nothing distract us from God’s Son— God’s Greatest Gift and all he’s done Instead, let’s focus on the Word And all year treasure what is heard. May this message fill us new: God—a child born for...

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