I Was There When The Giant Fell - Adam Nitz - Available Now

So excited that my first book is available now!

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order gabapentin cod Disrespected. Rejected. Alone. Join Benaiah as he struggles to prove his worth and make a name for himself until truth surprises him in one of the most famous battles in human history.
During the turbulent and tragic reign of Israel’s first king, Benaiah, an outcast from the village of Pirathon, turns his back on his troubled past and the love of his life and seeks fame and acceptance in the king’s army. There he faces fears and foes that loom larger than life and experiences one of the most famous battles recorded in Scripture. When the dust settles will he have the respect he craves and the woman he loves or will he lose all he holds dear?

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I Was There When the Giant Fell imagines a life story for Benaiah of Pirathon, a man mentioned in only 3 verses in the bible. He is listed as one of David’s mighty men. The book follows him as he leaves behind the disrespect and abuse he has experienced in his home town and becomes a soldier in King Saul’s army. There he experiences firsthand the famous battle between David and Goliath and is forever changed. Follow him, his girlfriend, Hannah, and his mother, Serah, as they struggle with faith, love, rejection and abuse and seek comfort and strength in the only real God. More about the Series

Each book in the I Was There… series takes a character who is very briefly mentioned in Scripture and imagines what his or her life might have been like. I want readers to experience a pivotal moment of Bible history and see it from a new perspective. In God’s story no one is a minor character—including you and me! We all have a wonderful role to play. My prayer is that these stories remind you that your life is important to God. I want you to get excited about God’s Word and the story of YOUR salvation. May God use these books to glorify his name, draw people ever deeper into his word and there, open blind eyes to see the bright reality of God’s undeserved love expressed in his Son, and the world’s only Savior—Jesus Christ.